What can we do to make the world a better place?

That is a hard question..
If we want to answer this we can start small by looking at what we can do! The first-year bilingual classes of the Da Vinci College came up with a plan to achieve one of the 17 global goals.Quality education is necessary to build a better world, so we chose to help less fortunate countries to become more and better educated by sending them our lessons! The DiMi lessons were a platform to discuss, develop and present our plan to the world! Who knows how it will work out?! We might make it to the united nations one day! Find out more about the global goals at www.globalgoals.org

Global goals? These goals are thought up to make the world a better and cleaner place. In total there are 17 global goals! Most of them are aimed at the environment, human rights and the fight against poverty. Since the world is becoming connected through the internet, information and the access to information is available to everyone!
This makes it easier to come up with solutions to the problems that everyone is struggling with. The further development of technology can help us to map out where problems occur. For example: think of the weather satellites that can measure the melting of the ice caps or predict hurricanes.


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  1. Te gek!
    Dit zijn doelen die in de les gebruikt kunnen worden.

    Ik zag ze ook in Wageningen op de Universiteit toen ik naar de Globe-dag ging, gisteren.

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