Open Nights at Da Vinci College 2019

And, once again, we welcomed loads of prospective pupils and their parents to our school. But there was a first: it was the first time ever our Bilingual Department, was able to organise its own show because of their ‘own’ part of the building, our H-wing. 

This also required new signs to guide the herds into the right direction as well as new routes for people to follow as well as new questions for the puzzle our future students could complete by finding answers to all sorts of questions everywhere in the building(s).

Once inside the H-wing people were welcomed by some of our ‘ambassadors’ for TTO, dressed up especially for the occasion. Once people had passed that stage of their immersion into the bilingual aspect of our school they went on their way past a very diverse array of stalls, starting with what the English Department considers by far the most important one – the one for English!

Having taken that barrier too, TTO teachers of other subjects were waiting to tell people about their subjects too. Apart from the ones that need special (class)rooms and/or equipment (such as PE, Physics and TechScience) future students were encouraged to look at books, play (educational) games and ask as many questions as they (and their parents) had.

Once our guests had ‘covered’ the subjects on the one side they were confronted with a screen showing a continuous PowerPoint display of about 100 pictures of all kinds of TTO activities, ranging from shots of DiMi activities to pictures of trips abroad. This is also where it became very clear that we are a certified TTO Junior school, recognised as such by Nuffic, the Dutch organisation in charge of internationalisation within the Dutch educational system.

Then people could choose to attend one of Mr Roosingh’s presentations on TTO, in his own classroom, before ambling down along the stalls on the other side of the H-wing square. On that side, our Arts & Design Department had quite a large space available to show all that they are up to in their English language lessons.

And, just in case you were wondering what was going on elsewhere, here is a choice of pictures taken on a walk through the rest of our school. I hope everyone had a good time, that the right pupils will choose for our school and that we shall come up to the expectations that were raised once we have welcomed our new students in our midst next (school)year.

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