English Teachers in Training at Da Vinci College

In the past fortnight we had two teacher trainees from Durham University training in our school. They had already arrived a week before but because we had a test week then it was arranged for our English visitors to have a look round in two other TTO-schools in our province.

On their return here they first observed a number of Junior TTO-classes so as to get a feel of the education these students get here. After that they were both allocated a ‘personal tutor’ for the rest of their stay. Tracey Donnelly was here for English, Jake Burdis was here for Science and Biology in particular. Special thanks go to Ms Dagmar Semler and Ms Rineke Voogt for their time and effort spent on their part.

Towards the end of their visit two of their tutors from Durham University came to see Tracey and Jake to find out how they were doing and to judge whether this experience was a worthwhile one for them.

As far as we at Da Vinci College are concerned – these training periods for English students are worth OUR while as these native speakers do not only learn and benefit from our guidance as far as teaching is concerned – they can also contribute to the increase in fluency of our TTO teachers when visiting the latter’s lessons.

Apart from lessons both Tracey and Jake enjoyed some non-curricular activities and attended our Open Nights. And that they had a good time there is proven by the pictures here.

We sincerely hope they have enjoyed their stay here in Purmerend and would like to thank everyone involved in making it a success.

And we wish both Tracey and Jake success in both their teaching careers and personal lives and hope to hear from them how they are doing in the future.

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