Anglia Speaking Exams 3tto – 2020

Although life is far back from normal after the initial impact of the corona virus, we can at least mention one aspect of school life that is taking place as we speak, or rather, write, or better still – type.

This year’s 3tto students, both havo and atheneum, will be sitting their written Anglia exam soon (18th June, to be precise), but they are already trying their best at the oral exam this week.

This takes places in twos that have to face two of our (Anglia-spoken-assessor-qualified) teachers, Mrs Verbruggen and Ms Veerman, while trying to convince them of their attained level of fluency in the course of the past three years.

Some of the lucky ones were caught on camera and we hope they as well as all the others have done well and will continue to do so in the written exam on the 18th June.

Stay safe!

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